Review of 59S UV Sterilizer Wand

When the coronavirus swept the world and brought a huge crisis to people’s life, work, and study, ultraviolet bacteria killing lights became one of the most popular disinfection products. In order to ensure that clothes, strollers, toys, door handles, mobile phones, keyboards, etc. are clean and safe, UV sterilizers are widely used to help us kill viruses, bacteria, mites, etc. on the surface of objects, which bring us to life a sense of security. Like everyone else, when facing the virus, I worry about the health of my family. In order to ensure the safety of the living environment, after careful comparison, I chose the 59S handheld UV sterilizer wand from many ultraviolet wands. If you have the same anxiety, you might as well take a look at the 59S UV sterilizer wand review.

Review About 59S Brand

59S is a UV LED disinfection brand for home travel, launched by Shenzhen UVLED Optical Technology Co., Ltd. which is founded in 2013. 59S is committed to the research on the application of UV disinfection. It has launched more than 50 disinfection products for the global market, making disinfection a one-touch operation, allowing children, adults and the elderly to avoid bacterial infections.

59S products cover more than 50 professional LED ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization products in 4 major series, maternal and child series, beauty series, home series, and business travel series, which can almost meet the disinfection needs of various scenes in life.

Why Choose 59S Handheld UV Wand for Sterilization?

After comparing many UV sterilizer wands on the Amazon, we recommend this product to you because it has stable performance, rich functions and reliable product quality:

  1. Certified by Multiple Authorities: the 59S UV wand has already received various certifications such as FDA, FC, CE, SGS, RoHS, GT, EPA and etc. which are issued by authoritative certification organizations. With these authoritative endorsements, we can use this product to sterilize daily necessities with confidence.
  2. Capable of Killing Different Types of Microorganisms: the 59S UV wand has got a lot of attention during the coronavirus pandemic because it has the ability to kill different kinds of living pathogens such as virus, bacteria as well other living organisms like molds, mites and etc. Via about 10 proper slides above the things which want to disinfect, it can clean the surface by deactivating the germs.
  3. Wide Applications: just as the reviewers said, the 59S X5 UV wand sterilizer can enable us to disinfect various types of items with ease via simple press and scan. It’s an advanced portable all-purpose UV wand for you to sterilize things whenever and wherever you need.
    – Home use: it can be used to sterilize countertop, desk, doorknobs, cushions, mattress, delivered packages, bathroom, toilet seats, light switches, kids’ toys, bed, shoes, coat, sofa, bowls & dishes, remote control, towel…
    – Office use: you can also put the 59S UV wand sterilizer in your handbag or backpack and carry it to the office for sterilizing office supplies such as displayer, door handles, keyboard, mouse, desktops, chair armrests, meeting room, watch, iPad and etc.
    – Travel use: the UV sterilizing wand made by 59S is portable and versatile that can be easily used during business travel. When we have to spend the night in a hotel, it allows us to sleep well without worrying about viruses and bacteria as it can help us sterilize almost all the surfaces such as pillows, cups, sheets, bedside tables, remote controls, countertops, door handles, toilets…
  4. High Safety in Use: after reviewed dozens of UV wands, we find that the 59S UV sterilizer has the most excellent safety design: only when you turn off the child safety lock and then double click, it can start to work normally, otherwise it will remain silent. It has a built-in smart sensor enabling the UV wand to shut off automatically when it is overturned 90° during the sterilizing process, and it will automatically restart work immediately when you let it face down again. Additionally, you will receive a pair of quality safety goggles along with the 59S ultraviolet sterilizer wand which can effectively protect the eyes and avoid burns caused by ultraviolet radiation. When we reviewing the UV wands on Amazon, we found that most of the products are not equipped with the safety goggles.

Review of 59S LED UV Sterilizer Wand Features

The UV sterilizer wand manufactured by 59S is convenient and lightweight which can be used to sterilize daily necessities in various sizes. While the chemical sterilizers will leave chemical elements on the surface which is harmful to us, the 59S UV wand sterilizer is chemical-free and ozone-free. It is durable with rich safety features, easy to use with a large sterilizing coverage area.
The main features of 59S UV light wand are as follows:

  1. UVC wand, 260~280nm wavelength.
  2. It is made with 20 LED UVC chips, capable of killing 99.9% virus and bacteria within several minutes as it has larger coverage area.
  3. Built in angle sensor, it can automatically shut down when the wand is turned over by accident during sterilizing process.
  4. Safety child lock design, preventing kids from misuse.
  5. Safe start mode: double click to start working process.
  6. Rechargeable inbuilt battery.
  7. Lightweight and small foldable size, easy to use wherever and whenever you need.
  8. Long service life of LED chips, up to 10,000+ hours.
  9. Foldable design with strong joints that it can folded up to 20,000 times.
  10. Safety goggles are offered.
  11. Chemical-free, odor-free, no secondary pollution.
  12. Support 12-months warranty.

For more features and specifications about 59S UV wand, please visit this page.

59S UV Sterilizing Wand Package Review

The package of 59S UV sterilizer wand will not let you down. It has a white outer packaging box, simple but delicate.
Once you unfold the delivery packaging, you will find the below items:

  1. 59S UV-C LED light sterilizer wand
  2. A pair of safety goggles
  3. A carrying bag
  4. A charging cable
  5. User manual
  6. A test report

One negative review about the 59S UV light sterilizing wand is that there is no charging plug in the package, so you need to find a compatible charging plug. Usually, the charging plug of mobile phone works with it.

Working Principle of 59S UV Sterilizer Wand

Since 1878, human beings have already utilized ultraviolet-c rays for sterilization. Nowadays, the UVC lights have been widely used in different places such as hospitals, airplanes, factories and many other places for surface disinfection.

UV-C light has a bactericidal effect, that is, it inactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, thereby destroying their ability to reproduce and cause disease. Specifically, UV-C light causes damage to microbial nucleic acids by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in DNA. In short, the 59S UVC light sterilizer wand kills bacteria by destroying DNA or RNA, preventing them from reproducing and generating.

59S UV Sterilizer User Experience Review

The 59S UVC light wand is easy to operate for sterilizing surfaces as it only requires several presses:

  1. Fully charge it with the charging cable provided and a compatible plug.
  2. Unfold the flip panel.
  3. Unlock the safety child lock, and then the power button lights on.
  4. Wear the eye-protective goggles.
  5. Double click the round start button to begin sterilizing process.
  6. Slide back and forth above the items (1 inch) you wish to sterilize for about 5~10 times.

Precautions for Using 59S UV Sterilizing Wand

  1. Please put on the safety goggles before using (included in package).
  2. Do not direct UV wand sterilizer towards eyes or skin, or it will cause burns.
  3. Do not expose to pets and plants.
  4. Turn on the child lock when you finish sterilizing.
  5. Please do not let kids to use it.

What Are the Reviewers Say About 59S UV Wand?

The 59S UV wand light sterilizer is popular with high sales volume and high user rating. Let’s see what are the reviews about:

  • “Very good product, I thought the price was relatively high, but the high-end products are indeed matched with high-end prices. In order to prevent accidental injury to the eyes, there are also special eye wear, which are considered very thoughtful. In addition, when the light is facing upwards, it will automatically turn off, which is very user-friendly. The child lock is also good to prevent misuse by children. In short, it is a very good product.”
  • “When I go out to stay in a hotel, the most feared thing is that the accommodation environment is not clean. I bought this artifact and I have fewer worries, and children’s toys can be disinfected directly, which is very convenient and fast.”
  • “I can use this sterilizing wand to disinfect things that cannot be cleaned or that are difficult to disinfect with chemicals. The best part I want to say is the double safety design: safety lock and double-click to open the button. Other brands do not have locks or security designs for turning on the lights. This make the UVC sterilizer safe for young active children.”

If want to get more 59S UV sterilizer wand reviews, please directly follow the above links to learn more or purchase one for sterilizing items right now.

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