Coospider CTUV-36 UV Germicidal Lamp

329 μW/cm2 at the distance of 10inch.
5.5ft Cord and Plug, can be placed anywhere.
1 year warranty, 3 month free return.
Passed by EPA.
15/ 30/ 60minutes Timer modes suit for different needs.

If you need to sanitize a very large area, this Coospider CTUV-36 Germicidal Lamp is an excellent choice. It is rated to treat up to 600 square feet of space. There is a remote control for you to set the timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes depending on the size of your space.
From the appearance it’s a tall UV/ozone bulb, along with a base and a remote control. With a five-foot cord, it is to place anywhere. On the base of the lamp, you’ll find a set of manual controls, along with LED indicator lights. It provides an easy way to turn the light on by pressing the "on/off" switch, which will be 30 seconds delay start.
There’s also a safety child lock, that requires both the base and the remote to deactivate. Then, you don’t have to worry about the child turning on the light and getting hurt.

Coospider UV Germicidal Lamp Key Features
  • Ease of use lamp with a timer mode with automatic shutoff.
  • Sanitize up to 600 square feet of space.
  • 200 ft remote timer control which could receive signal across the wall.
  • 15/ 30/ 60minutes timer modes whicha are suit for different needs.
  • UVC with Ozone, wavelenth is 185nm. It can be used for the disinfection of bed, sofa, carpet, basement, storage room, etc.

  • Strong UV intensity: 1329 μW/cm2 at the distance of 10inch.
Coospider CTUV-36 Germicidal Lamp Specs

Brand: Coospider
Dimensions: 11.7 x 7.8 x 4 inches
Weight: 1.8 lbs
Nominal voltage: 110v
Nominal power: 36W
Cord length: 5 foot
Certificate: FCC, EPA
— 1* 36W UVC&Ozone bulb
— 1* Sturdy lamp base with 5 ft cord
— 1* Remote controller
— 1* UV protective glasses

How to use the UVC lamp safely?
  1. Because UV-C rays are harmful to the eyes and skin, please don’t look at the working UV bulb.
  2. People/pets/plants mustn’t be exposed to the UVC light; people/pets/plants must be out of the room when lamp is on.
  3. After turn off bulb, must ventilate room or waiting 3-6 hours, until there is no ozone smell, then can enter the room.
  4. Liquids such as perfumes and wines should not be exposed to the UVC light, as strong UV-C rays may cause chemicals to deteriorate.
  5. Don’t put brightly colored clothes or toys near the light for a long time, because the strong oxidation of UVC rays may cause slight fading.
  6. Keep the bulb out of reach of children.
    Tips: If there are unmovable fish tanks or plants in the room, you can cover them with a opaque newspapers or cloth; the UVC rays will not pass through, and will not harm them.

How to use the remote control to turn on the UVC lamp?

The correct procedure is:

  • On / off switch: when directly pressing this button to turn on the lamp , the timer function is not used, press it again can turn off the lamp
  • 15 minutes: If want to time 15 minutes, just press it directly, the lamp will start work and automatically shut down after 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes: If want to time 30 minutes, just press it directly, the lamp will start work and automatically shut down after 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes: If want to time 60 minutes, just press it directly, the lamp will start work and automatically shut down after 60 minutes
    If you want to turn off halfway, press the on / off switch, which will end the timer early.
  • If you don’t want to use the remote control, just press the “on/off” switch, there will be a 30 seconds delay start, people/pet/plant must leave the disinfection area in this time.


Q: Can this lamp used with 220 V input?
A: NO, this lamp is 110V, if used with 220V, it will brunt out.

Q: How long do you turn it on? Can I leave windows open while lamp is working?
A: 200 ft.sq = 15 min, but it is also possible to extend or shorten the usage time according to the size of the room.
When this lamp working, it is better to close the door and windows, because ozone is a special kind of gas. If the window is opened, it will run out of the room and will not achieve the best disinfection effect.
After turning off the lamp, it is better to open the door and window to ventilate the room, which can greatly speed up the decomposition of ozone, until the smell of ozone is completely can’t smelled, then people can enter the room.

Q: Can it kill fleas in carpets?
A: NO, this UVC Ozone lamp can kill the bacterial virus and dust mites, but it can’t kill fleas because fleas belong to insects, it’s not microbes.

Q: Can it used for food, grocery?
A: Yes. Please note that Ozone is a special gas which has very powerful features, but smells unbearable. Just need wait 1-3 hours, it will decompose itself into oxygen and can’t smell anymore.

Q: How can i know the lamp producing uv-c light?
A: We cannot see the wavelength of ultraviolet light unless we use professional testing equipment. You could contact Coospider to get professional testing report.

Q: What’s the Battery type & size ?
A: The battery model required by the remote control is named : 23A 12V. (Diameter Φ is 10 ± 0.2mm, length H is 28.3+0.2/-0.00mm). There are 2 batteries included in the package.

Q: Can the remote control pass the wall?
A: Yes.

Q: Should we wear mask to enter room in order to get to window to open for venting?
A: If you can open the window without entering the room, that is the better. If not, that’s also no matter. Ozone has a half-life, it will decompose itself after the bulb is turned off, so you can wait 1-3 hours first (after 1-3 hours, Ozone will basically be reduced to a very low level, no longer cause harm to the human body), then you can open the door and enter the room, to open the window to ventilation, after a few more minutes of ventilation, basically ozone can disappear completely.

Q: Can I replace the bulb with an ozone free bulb?
A: Yes.

Q: Can this lamp be used to clean cpap mask and tubing?
A: No. If you want to disinfect CPAP, Grownsy UV Sanitizer is recommended.

Q: How many square feet of room can the UV lamp cover?
A: This 36W UVC lamp can be applied to rooms up to 600 square feet. (Put the lamp in the middle of the room).
600 square feet – 60 minutes once
400 square feet – 30 minutes once
200 square feet – 15 minutes once.

Q: Will the ozone produced by this lamp ruin household articles like fabric, plastic items, paper books, etc.?
A: If stay in the ozone for a long time, ozone may cause slight fading of brightly colored clothing,therefore, it is best not to put brightly colored items under ultraviolet light during disinfection.

Q: Can I use this lamp in a room that contains gas water heater and active natural gas furnace?
A: No, it is not recommended. This lamp will produce ozone when turn on, ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen, which is chemically more active than oxygen, so it may also support combustion. If put it with the working gas water heater or active natural gas furnace together, when there is an open flame, the ozone may cause security risks.

Q: Will this light kill mold?
A: Yes, This UVC with Ozone lamp can kill bacteria, virus, dust mites, also can kill mold .

Q: How often do you use the lamp? daily, weekly monthly?
A: The recommended usage methed is 2-3 times a week, 30 minutes each time for room disinfection. But you can change the usage time according to your needs. Especially dur ring the epidemic, such as the coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

Q: How much ozone does this produce?
A: The ozone production rate is 6.897g / (Kw · h). But it will be little difference in different environments.

Q: Is safe to use in a storage room with paint cans?
A: Yes, it is safe. Ozone is a very pure gas, it will not cause combustion and also no danger of explosion. Please confirm that there is no fire or open flame in the room when use.


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