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best uv sanitizer wand

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Best Rich Features59S UV Sanitizing Wand
Best Simple DesignULTIMA LIFE UV Light Sanitizing Wand
Best Smart Display & MaterialGAKUS UV light Sanitizer
Best Large Disinfection AreaAWESAFE UV Sanitizing Wand
Best Battery LifeWAWEIS UV Light Wand
Best Price & WarrantyANCROWN Ultraviolet Light Wand

2020 is about to become history, and 2021 is beckoning to us. Thinking back to 2020, perhaps viruses and health are the focus point of people all over the world. Due to the existence of the virus, we cannot go out to parties, dinners, travel, and watch movies with peace of mind. When the air we breathe and the things we touch may become the source of infection, we may want to use the best UV sanitizing wand to clean daily necessities.

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    How Long Does the COVID Virus Survive on Surfaces?

    In the face of the virus raging around the world, you might say that we are a little overly worried or overreacted. However, the virus does exist and has so far claimed 326k lives (data from Wikipedia and the New York Times). Moreover, the virus seems to be so tenacious. It has been mutating. A new Australian study shows that SARS-CoV-2 can survive on the surface for up to 28 days. If we touch a surface or object with the virus and then touch your mouth, nose or eyes, it is still possible (though unlikely) to get the virus.
    Coronavirus can survive hours to days on surfaces such as countertops and door handles. Its survival time depends on the surface material:

    1. 5 days on metal surfaces: such as door handles, jewelry, silver and etc.
    2. 4 days on wood surfaces: like wood table, chair, desk, wardrobe, shelf…
    3. 2~3 days on plastics: such as milk packaging, remote control, cup, subway seat, bus seat, plastic packaging bag…
    4. 2~3 days on stainless steel surfaces: such as refrigerators, washing machines, pots and pans, cups, faucets, sinks, kettles…
    5. 2~3 days on cardboard: most commonly the express packaging…
    6. 5 days on glass and ceramics: bowls, dishes, cups, windows, mirrors, doors…

    Seeing the above data, we may be worried about the safety of the surrounding environment. Even so, we can often wash and disinfect our hands to protect the health of our family and ourselves, because the hands contact the contaminated surface, the virus may take the opportunity to enter.

    Do UV Sanitizing Wands Work in Killing COVID?

    UV (abbreviated from ultraviolet) disinfection mainly acts on the DNA of microorganisms, destroying the structure of DNA, causing it to lose the function of reproduction and self-replication to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Currently, UV sanitizing light has been widely used in surface disinfection, water treatment, medical sterilization and etc. Ultraviolet rays are part of sunlight. Recent studies show that UV light can be applied to kill airborne COVID-19 particles and surfaces. Therefore, some hospitals, subways and more public places use ultraviolet rays to sanitize area when it is not occupied by people. “It can kill everything: bacteria, fungi, viruses. It should kill the coronavirus” said by Berezow. We do know that it can effectively fight other viruses such as influenza.

    Is Ultraviolet Light Wand Sanitizer Dangerous to Use?

    As we know, long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause various problems such as skin pigmentation, thickening and rough skin, photoaging, and serious precancerous lesions, skin cancer, cataracts, etc. Therefore, we must bear in mind that long-term exposure under UV rays should be avoided. With the spread of the virus, various disinfection products have become hot products. If you have already chosen a UV sanitizing wand or are planning to buy a best rated UV light sanitizer wand to clean daily necessities, you must use the correct method, otherwise it will cause electro ophthalmia and skin damage.

    The following are the precautions for using UV light wand sanitizers:

    1. Wear a pair of safety goggles.
    2. Avoid exposure to humans, pets or plants, especially eyes and skin.
    3. Do Not look into the light, or use it over a highly reflective surface.
    4. Keep it properly to avoid mis-operation by children.

    What Can You Do with a UV Light Sanitizer Wand During Trip or At Home?

    UV light sanitizing wands can be used to disinfect different kinds of items which we touch often at home or during business trip. As it is lightweight with a portable size, it can be stored in backpack, handbag and luggage for sanitizing anywhere and anytime.

    1. For Home: disinfect door handles, floors, table tops, sheets, clothing, toys, water cups, carpets, toilets, cars, etc.
    2. For Office: disinfect computer keyboard, mouse, desktop, mobile phone, notebook, meeting room and etc.
    3. For Travel: sheets, pillows, bathroom, table tops, door handles, seats, etc.

    Top 6 Best Rated UV Sanitizing Wand for Travel or Business Trip

    Length 287mm 219mm 291mm 249mm 160mm 218.5mm
    Wavelength (nm) 260~280 260-285 100-280 260-280 255-285 260-285
    LED UVC Chip 20 chips 12 chips LED beads 20 chips 16 chips 12 chips
    Timing Sets No 3 mins 5/10/15mins 1/3/5mins No 3 mins
    Rechargeable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Battery Included Included Included Included Included Included
    Safety Goggles Yes No No No No No
    Foldable Yes No No Yes Yes No
    Child Lock Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
    Shut Off When Flip Yes No No Yes Yes No
    Coverage Area Large Medium Small Large Large Medium
    Warranty 1 year 30 days / 1 year 1 year 18-Month
    Price $109.99 $59.99 $55.99 US$99.00 $69.99 $49.99

    I. Best Rich Features – 59S UV Sanitizing Wand

    It is powered by 20 UVC LED chips with a large disinfection coverage area. With a sleek and foldable design, it is suitable for using at home or during outdoor activities. Its price is higher than other five choices, but this UV light wand is feature-rich and includes a pair of quality safety goggles. Besides child lock, users need to double click to turn on the light, which makes the UV light wand sanitizer safe for kids.
    • How to Use It
      -> Fully charge the wand;
      -> Wear safety goggles;
      -> Turn off child lock;
      -> Double click to start working.

    II. Best Simple Design – ULTIMA LIFE UV Light Sanitizing Wand

    This small-sized UV light wand can be easily stored in your pocket, handbag, suitcase or etc. for sanitizing objects during business trip or on the go. It’s compact and easy to use, designed with child lock which keeps the UV wand from unwanted use. It’s the best choice for home, travel or office disinfection. It automatically powers off in 180s.
    • How to Use It
      -> Wear protective glasses (not included);
      -> Turn off the child lock;
      -> Press On/Off button to start disinfection.

    III. Best Smart Display & Material – GAKUS UV light Sanitizer

    GAKUS UV sanitizer wand is made by skin-friendly aluminum alloy that it has comfortable grip and premium texture. As for the timer settings, it supports 3 gears timing setting: 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes. From the smart display, users can get the charging status 0% to 100%. Additionally, it has received various kinds of certifications from authority agencies.
    • How to Use It
      -> Wear safety goggles (not included);
      -> Press power button to set the disinfection time;
      -> Slide above the surface of objects;

    IV. Best Large Disinfection Area – AWESAFE UV Sanitizing Wand

    AWESAFE provides another best portable UVC sanitization wand for both household use or travel use. It is designed with child lock and gravity induction sensors which guarantee a high degree of using safety. It has 20 UVC LED beads, emitting 260-280nm ultraviolet light, and this wand is best rated for its wide sanitizing coverage area.
    • How to Use It
      -> Wear protective goggles (not included);
      -> Unlock the child lock to power on;
      -> Press the function button to choose the sterilization time;
      -> Then it will start to work.

    V. Best Battery Life – WAWEIS UV Light Wand

    The UV light sanitizing wand manufactured by WAWEIS has a large battery that its fully charging time is about 2 hours, and it can work 2 hours. It has built-in smart gravity sensors which enable the wand to shut off automatically when it is turned over during usage process. This UV light sanitizing wand is best rated for its ease of use, long battery life.
    • How to Use It
      -> Fully charge it with 5V/1A adapter;
      -> Unlock the safety child lock and unfold the cover;
      -> Put on goggles (not included);
      -> Press the start button.

    VI. Best Price & Warranty – ANCROWN Ultraviolet Light Wand

    This UVC sanitizer wand is equipped with 12 UVC chips, lightweight and compact that it’s easy to carry and easy to use during travel or at home. Its warranty period is longer than other brands, 18-month worry-free warranty, during the period, a free replacement or full refund is available. It has received multiple certifications such as FDA, FCC, ROHS and EPA.

    • How to Use It
      -> Wear safety goggles (not included);
      -> Unlock child lock;
      -> Turn on the UVC light sanitizer wand and sweep it over the object.

    Important Points to Help Us Stay Away from Virus

    • Wash your hands often with antibacterial hand sanitizer.
    • Wear a mask when you go to work, travel, or take public transportation.
    • Take the initiative to stay away from crowded people.
    • Don’t stay in a closed space for a long time.
    • Regularly use the best UV light sanitizing wand to disinfect surfaces, especially the door handles, doorway floors, remote controls, mobile phones, wallets, handbags, etc.

    Finally, the most important thing we want to say: May everyone be healthy and happy in 2021!

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