5 Best UV Light Phone Cleaners for Sanitizing Cell Phones

In the recent past, wearing a mask when going out and washing hands at the first time seems to have become one of our daily habits. When we thought we were fully protected, unexpectedly we overlooked another thing-mobile phone. If you want to find a useful tool to sanitize your phone in an all-round way, you might as well take a look at the UV light phone cleaners introduced in this article.

Our Picks

Best Rated WAWEIS Phone UV Light Sanitizer
Best Lightweight & CoverageUpdated UV Light Phone Cleaner of WAWEIS
Best Battery & Coverage59S Cellphone UV Light Cleaner
Best Smart Display InterfaceGAKUS UV Light Phone Sanitizer
Best AffordableFEEKE UV Light Cleaner for Cell Phones

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    Is My Phone Really Dirty Than the Toilet?

    Every time we come back from the supermarket, from school, or take public transportation back home, we wash our hands, and then we pick up the mobile phone with clean hands to read news, read books, listen to music, watch videos. I can’t help thinking: What is the difference between washing hands and not washing hands?

    We often use mobile phones, and no matter what the occasion is, whether it is going to the toilet or taking a bus, it is normal to take out the mobile phone from time to time and read the news. However, we do not wash our hands regularly and regularly like washing our hands before meals. In this way, half of the bacteria we take away from public places are on our phones.

    According to the news: “A research report from Stanford University in the United States shows that among 30 mobile phones that have been used, touch-screen mobile phones contain 18 times more bacteria and viruses than men’s bathrooms.” A study in the United Kingdom also found that mobile phones are full of bacteria, molds, etc. The amount of bacteria is as large as a toilet in a bathroom…

    How Long Does the SARS-CoV-2 Survive on Mobile Phone?

    Dr. Debbie Eagles, Deputy Director of the Australian Centre for Disease Prevention, said: “At about 20 degrees at room temperature, we found that the virus is very strong and can survive for 28 days on smooth surfaces, such as glass on mobile phone screens, plastic banknotes”. The doctor’s test results show that SARS-CoV-2 can remain infectious on the surface for a long time, thereby increasing the need for good habits, such as regular hand washing and surface cleaning.

    Since studies have shown that direct sunlight can quickly inactivate the virus, ultraviolet light phone sanitizers have become one of the best-selling products this year.

    Five Best UV Light Cell Phone Sanitizers of 2021

    1. Best Rated – WAWEIS Phone UV Light Sanitizer

    It is a small compact-sized UV light which contains no chemicals, no irritating substances or fumes. It features simple one-key operation which can make your phone cleaner just by pressing and scanning. It is not only suitable for cleaning cell phones but also suitable for all occasions such as bedding, clothes, personal hygiene products, digital devices and etc.

    What We Like:
    • EPA approved.
    • The lifespan of LED UV lights is up to 10,000 hours.
    • Designed with safety child lock.
    • Lightweight, compact size and portable.
    • Built-in rechargeable battery.
    What We Don’t Like:
    • Its disinfection coverage area is narrow and small.

    2. Best Lightweight & Coverage – Updated UV Light Phone Cleaner of WAWEIS

    It is another best rated UV light suitable for cleaning mobile phones that it is also manufactured by WAWEIS. The biggest difference between this one and the above one is the appearance design. This cell phone UV light has a round stick shape, and it is foldable. It is very suitable for sanitizing digital devices, houseware, office items and etc.

    What We Like:
    • Lightweight, simple and foldable design.
    • 16 UVC LED chips, large disinfection coverage area.
    • Rechargeable battery.
    • Child lock design, avoid misuse by kids.
    • Built-in smart sensor which enables automatic shut-off during accidental turn-over.
    • Advertised 12-months warranty.
    • EPA approved.
    What We Don’t Like:
    • No timer function that we have to disinfect a cellphone while timing.

    3. Best Smart Display Interface – GAKUS UV Light Phone Sanitizer

    It is a handheld ultraviolet light phone cleaner which can be used to sanitize both mobile phones but also all household items. It is suitable for home and travel that brings you the possibility to clean at any time, even on the go. One of the best tools with rich functions.

    What We Like:
    • Made of high-quality aluminum and ABS material.
    • Received various certifications like FC, CE, ROHS, EPA.
    • Lightweight, simple stick design.
    • Timer function: 5/10/15mins.
    • Smart interface displays the charging status and sanitizing process.
    • Built-in rechargeable battery.
    What We Don’t Like:
    • Small coverage area.

    4. Best Battery & Coverage – 59S Cellphone UV Light Cleaner

    It is one of the trending products which is best rated for travel disinfection, and it can also be used to kill the germs on mobile phones. It can be easily stored in backpack, handbag or suitcase for sanitizing at any time.

    What We Like:
    • Received certifications like EPA, FCC, SGS.
    • Lightweight, foldable design.
    • Child lock design.
    • Support automatic shut-off when it is flipped over by accident.
    • Double click to start, preventing misuse of kids.
    • Designed with 20 UVC LED chips, ensuring a large disinfection coverage.
    • Large rechargeable battery, 2500mAh.
    • Advertised 12-months warranty policy.
    • Package includes a pair of safety goggles.
    . What We Don’t Like:
    • Its price is higher than other reviewed products.

    5. Best Affordable – FEEKE UV Light Cleaner for Cell Phones

    FEEKE UV provides another good UV light for cleaning mobile phones. It is capable of killing 99% of bacteria, viruses and other micro organisms on the phones without any damage. It is a useful tool in the time of the ongoing covid-19 epidemic, especially during business travel.

    What We Like:
    • Approved by EPA, CE, FCC, ROHS.
    • The lifespan of LED chips is up to 10,000 hours.
    • Lightweight and portable size.
    • Rechargeable battery.
    • Child lock design.
    • Best affordable price.
    What We Don’t Like:
    • No timing functions.
    • Small disinfection coverage area.

    Our Final Choice

    Comparing with the above 5 best UV light phone cleaners, the NO.2 produced by WAWEIS has an affordable price, more complete functions and a larger disinfection coverage area. If you are particularly worried about the damage of ultraviolet rays to your eyes, then the NO.4 product (59S, including safety goggles) will be your best choice.

    What Factors to Consider When Choosing UV Light Phone Sanitizers?

    • Portability: viruses and bacteria can exist anywhere, so do you plan to carry an ultraviolet light phone sanitizer on your journey? In that case, you’d better take the portability into consideration when selecting an ultraviolet light phone cleaner on the internet.
    • Battery Life: most of the handheld UV light phone cleaners are cordless and powered by inbuilt battery. If you need to sanitize cellphone and more items on the go, then it’s better to choose an UV light phone cleaner which has a large battery.
    • Use Safety: the ultraviolet radiation is harmful to our skin and eyes, so please do not look at the light when the UV light phone sanitizer is working. It’s better to choose the UV light phone sanitizers which have safety goggles and automagical shut-off function in case accidental flipping-over.
    • Warranty: product warranty is another important point to consider about. After long-term of working, the light may be malfunctioning, so it’s better to choose the ones which have a long warranty period and support full refund within a specific period.

    Is Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer Safe for My Mobile Phone?

    Yes, it is safe to use UV light phone sanitizer to clean our phones. The above ones do not use water or chemicals, but uses ultraviolet LED chips. UV light is capable of killing germs, bacteria, virus and etc., but it does not bring damages to our digital devices.

    The plastics may be damaged under long-term continuous UV radiation. However, several hours of continuous exposure will be required to achieve this effect. The above handheld UV light phone cleaners have timing function that users can set or select the disinfection time, when time is up, these phone sanitizer wands can automatically turn off. Several minutes of UV radiation is safe to the mobile phones, but not safe to the bacteria.

    How to Properly Clean Your Cellphone with UV Light?

    1. If there is a phone case on your cellphone, please take it off (if you want to use it afterwards, please do also sanitize the phone case).
    2. Please place the phone on desk, wear a pair of safety goggles.
    3. Unlock the child lock and turn on the UV light phone cleaner, slide over the phone to start sanitizing.
    4. After several minutes, please turn off the UV light, then sanitize another side of the phone.

    Usually, it only takes a few minutes to sanitize a phone.

    1. As these above best rated UV light phone cleaners have a large disinfection coverage area, you can sanitize multiple objects at a time, such as phone, iPad, keyboard, mouse, keys and etc.
    2. Please do not look directly at the UV light emitted by the UV sanitizer; please do not use the ultraviolet light irradiate the skin, animals and plants, or it may cause burns.

    Except sanitizing cell phones, the above best rated UV light phone cleaners can also be used to sanitize other items such as wardrobe, doorhandles, carpet, table, sofa, pet house, laundry room and so forth.

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