6 Best Tabletop UV Light Sanitizer for Room

best tabletop uv light sanitizers for room

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the globe and threatens human life with no end in sight. We may be doing everything that the health experts recommended, such as washing hands frequently, opening windows for ventilation, reducing going out, keeping social distance, wearing mask and etc. For the needs of daily life, we have to go out to buy food materials and other necessities. Every time we go out, we may always worry about whether there are viruses on the surfaces of clothing, hats, glasses, etc., so we want to thoroughly disinfect the whole body. Some items, such as electronic products, jackets, thick coats, etc., are difficult to disinfect with alcohol wipes, but the correct use of ultraviolet disinfection lamps can help us solve this problem. In this article, we will share the knowledge of UV sanitizing lights and how to choose the best UV light sanitizers for room disinfection.

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    Working Principle of UV Sanitizing Light

    UV (ultraviolet) rays are part of sunlight. Studies show that UV light can be used to kill airborne COVID-19 particles and disinfect surface. Because of this reason, the UV sanitizing light has already become an indispensable part of our life ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. Recently, hospitals, schools, subways, hotels and more public places are applying UV sanitizing lamps to disinfect virus, bacteria and more microorganisms when no one occupies these public areas.
    Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation uses the short-wavelength light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. The UV-C lights which produce wavelengths from 200 to 280nm have been used more than 100 years for disinfecting air, object surfaces, water and etc. The UV sanitizing lights are effective in destroying the DNA of all kinds of pathogens life viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus. Multiple studies have proven that the UV light can kill influenza and other seasonal coronaviruses.

    Different Types of UV Sanitizing Lights

    There are many types of UV sanitizing lamps on the market. Faced with so many choices, how to choose a suitable household UV disinfection lamp is a difficult problem. First, let’s take a look at the types of UV sanitizing lamps:

    1. Low-pressure mercury lamp: it is similar to the fluorescent lamp, with a wavelength of 253.7 nm. Its tube is made of fused quartz or vycor glass with high ultraviolet transmittance, and the power is 40W, 30W, 20W, 15W, etc. It produces a small amount of light due other mercury radiation bands. Except 253.7nm, low-pressure mercury lamps of other wavelengths are also produced.
    2. High-pressure mercury lamp: high-pressure lamp is more similar to HID lamps, radiating a broad-band UVC radiation, rather than a single line. It is widely used in industrial area for water treatment. It is an intense radiation source, producing very bright bluish white light.
    3. Excimer lamp: according to the different media, the excimer lamp emits narrow-band UVC and vacuum ultraviolet radiation of various wavelengths. They are mercury-free, reach full output faster than mercury lamps, and generate less heat. The excimer emission at 207 and 222 nm seems to be safer than traditional 254 nm bactericidal radiation, because the permeability of these wavelengths in human skin is greatly reduced.
    4. LED (abbreviated from light emitting diode) UVC light: currently, the LED UVC sanitizing lamp is becoming more common, and it emits very narrow radiation bands. The common wavelengths of LED UVC lights are 214nm, 265nm and 273nm. Compared to mercury lamps, the LED UVC sanitizing lamps do not contain mercury.

    Factors to Consider Before Buying Tabletop UV Sanitizing Lights

    1. Remote control: direct exposure of skin and eyes to some UVC lamp radiation may cause burns and skin cancer, so the remote function is an essential point that you should consider when selecting a UV lamp sanitizer. If a UV light does not support remote control, it must have delay-to-start function and timing function at least, so that users can leave the room safely.
    2. Timer: timer is another important design which can protect ourselves from hazardous UV radiation. You’d better choose the light with multiple timing modes.
    3. Disinfection coverage area: in order to guarantee the disinfection efficiency, the coverage area of UV sanitizing lamps should also be taken into consideration. It is best to determine according to the size of the room you want to disinfect.
    4. Child safety lock: in order to prevent lively children from accidentally turning on the UVC sanitizing lamp, the child safety lock is a necessary design.
    5. Bulb replaceability: any lamp has its service life, so the bulb replaceability is another point to consider.
    6. Guarantee policy: we notice that some sellers have published clear warranty policy on product page, but some are not. In order to better protect our rights, we’d better confirm with the seller about the return & exchange policy and maintenance policy.
    7. Service life: please choose the UV sanitizer light which has the longest service life.
    8. Weight: we may use the UV light to sanitize bedroom, child room, pet house, living room, dining room or laundry room, so the weight is another point to consider.

    Top 6 Best Tabletop UV Light Sanitizer for Room Disinfection


    It is one of the best rated quartz UV sanitizer lamps, 110V 36W 254nm, with remote control, 3 gear timing function and 15s delay timing. It is suitable for sanitizing rooms within 40㎡(15 minutes). Its remote control of this lamp has a remote-control distance of 20 meters. It can be used for disinfecting hotel rooms, bathroom, living room, dining room and etc.
    • One click to set timer 15/30/60 minutes;
    • 15 seconds delay to start room disinfection;
    • 20m remote control distance;
    • The bulb is replaceable and compatible with Philips 36W TUV 4 Pin 2G11 bulb.
    • EPA approved.


    • produces ozone;
    • A23 battery was not included for the remote control.


    Coospider UV light sanitizing lamp is another best choice. It is 1.8 pounds, 36W 110 Volts, 253.7nm with 185nm light. This compact fluorescent has a simple shape design and its bulb is replaceable. It’s lightweight and small that can be used in different size rooms, and easy to carry during travel. It’s capable of killing Escherichia coli, influenza virus, Staphylococcus aureus, mold and etc.
    • Small size, lightweight, suitable for household use or travel use;
    • 3 gears timer: 5/15/30 min;
    • Automatically shut off function;
    • Blub is replaceable;
    • Support remote control
    • Package includes a pair of protective glasses;
    • 1-year warranty, 3-month free return.
    • No battery included;
    • Produces ozone.


    Dsane provides another best UV light sanitizer on Amazon. It is a quartz ozone lamp, of 110V 36W 254nm wavelength. It is made of ABS and stainless steel, suitable for room area about 40㎡.
    • Allow users to set timer: 15/30/60 minutes;
    • 15 seconds delay to start working;
    • Its remote control allows users perform remote control partition wall;


    • Remote controller battery is not included;
    • Produces ozone;
    • The light bulb is not replaceable.


    GOZYE UV sanitizing lamp is another best choice for room disinfection, office disinfection or classroom disinfection. Its maximum disinfection area is about 540sq.ft, easy to use and lightweight for carrying. It is designed with rich functions such as timer, safety child lock, remote control and etc. Its minimalist design ensures a 360° coverage.
    • Maximum disinfection area is 540sq.ft;
    • Has timing function: easy to set 15/30/60 minutes;
    • Smart child lock with memory function;
    • Remote control;
    • 15 seconds delay to start working;
    • Accept full refund within the first 30 days.
    • Unlocking the child safety lock function is a bit complicated.
    • Produces ozone.


    CCKO provides another best rated UV lamp sanitizer which is 38W and lightweight (1.9 Pounds). It is made of quartz and brass. Simple design and unique appearance are exuding retro elegance. It is designed with 253.7nm wavelength which is proved to be the most powerful sterilization frequency band.
    • Lightweight and convenient to use, 485ft² coverage;
    • EPA approved; FDA approved;
    • Designed with remote control function;
    • 3 timer modes: 15/30/60min;
    • The bulb is replaceable;
    • 5-year quality warranty provided.
    • It produces ozone;
    • No safety child lock.

    6. Dailytop

    It is 3.8W, 8-ounces weight and powered by rechargeable lithium battery. Designed with low power and small dimensions, it is one of the best small UV lamp sanitizers for room size within 3 square meters. If you need to choose a UV light sanitizer for large spaces, this product cannot meet your needs.
    • The required rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries is included in the package list;
    • 28 seconds delay to start disinfection;
    • Disinfection area is about 2-3㎡;
    • It has no timer function, but it can automatically shut off after 30 minutes;
    • EPA approved.
    • No flexible timing function;
    • No remote control;
    • Low power, 3.8W, small disinfection coverage area.

    Precautions for Using UV Sanitizing Lamp at Home

    When we use UVC sanitizing lamps at home to disinfect rooms and objects, we must not only consider the hazards of the coronavirus, but also consider the hazards that UVC sanitizing lamps bring to us when they are used unreasonably. Please note that direct exposure of skin and eyes to the UVC radiation may cause painful eye damage and burn-like skin reactions. Before press the start button of your UVC light sanitizers, please bear the following tips in mind:
    • Do not look directly at the UVC light source to avoid corneal burns.
    • All the living creatures including human, pet, plants should not stay in the room when the UV sanitizing lamp is working.
    • Seal the door and do not let kids come in.
    • Please shield the valuable indoor paintings and calligraphy to prevent oxidation and discoloration under long-time ultraviolet radiation.
    • After room disinfection, please wait for a few minutes before entering the room as some UVC light sanitizers generate ozone which may irritate the respiratory tract. Please open the window for ventilation immediately.
    • The UV sanitizing lamp can degrade certain materials, such as plastics, polymers and dyed textiles, so please confirm it with the sellers before you press ON button.
    • Please make sure whether the UV light sanitizer you bought contains mercury. As mercury is toxic even in small amounts, you need to be extra careful when cleaning damaged lamps.
    For more information about these best rated UV light sanitizers, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we’ll recommend more good products to you.

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