Best Portable Sanitizing Spray Machine Gun

Our Picks

Best PortableVictory VP200ESK Electrostatic Sprayer
Best LightweightAwolf Cordless Electric Spray Gun
Best Electrostatic SprayerGraco SaniSpray HP20 Sprayer
Best Easy To UseAncrown Disinfectant Steam Gun
Best CordlessEMist EPIX360 Disinfectant Sprayer

If you are reading this post, then you already know about how a portable sanitizing spray machine gun is important for you, your family or anyone else you plan to buy. Yes, the new coronavirus has undergone many mutations. The transmissibility of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) after mutation is 70% higher than that of the existing virus strains. The epidemic is far from over, sterilization cleaning work still cannot be relaxed.

Since you’re probably looking for the best sanitiser spray gun you can use at home, office, business or classroom for protection, we’re here to show you a complete buyer’s guide. We don’t just add this portable disinfectant spray gun based on our personal opinion. Our consideration of finding the top tools is based on many factors like review, price, features, etc…

Below is a review of some of the best portable sanitizing spray machine, together with their specifications and features. So, let’s Get Started!

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    The Top 5 Best Portable Disinfectant  Sprayer Machine

    Best Portable
    Victory VP200ESK Professional Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

    If you’re on the hunt for a portable yet effective electrostatic sprayer gun, this Victory VP200ESK handheld Electrostatic sprayer is highly recommend, which allows you hours of spraying time without the hassle of dragging a cord. In addition, its design can save time and labor, reduce spraying liquid and cover more surfaces.
    This sprayer’s patented electrostatic charge penetrates chemical providing a thin even spray pattern on all surfaces. The equipped 3400mAh battery allows you to run 4 hours between 20-80 tanks on one single charge (90 minutes).
    Key Features:
    • Adjustable 3-in-1 nozzle lets you set the spray particle size(40,80 & 110 Microns).
    • Cordless convenience allows allows users to easily move room to room.
    • Patented electrostatic technology allow chemicals to cling to conductive surfaces.
    • Handheld design and 33.8oz tank allow you coat up to 2800 sq. ft. on 40 micron setting.
    • Weighs only 5.9 lbs. with a full tank.
    What We Like:
    • Very effective electrostatic spray gun.
    • Cordless design makes it easy to use and effortless movement.
    • Provides a thin and even spray pattern.
    • Lightweight and Portable – 3.81bs.
    Take Note:
    • High price compared to other electrostatic sprayers

    # Best Lightweight
    Awolf Cordless Electric Spray Gun

    Awolf cordless electric spray gun is a portable Nano atomization disinfection device. It is a ULV sprayer with bluelight sterilization. There are 4 replaceable nozzles with different size which enables you to adjust the intensity efficiently. By only 3 hours charging, it could do sanitizing work up to 10 hours.
    Key Features:
    • Adjustable Intensity Efficient design with replaceable nozzle 4 type.
    • Two replaceable large capacity 18650 lithium battery.
    • Exclusive water proof design for no leaking.
    • Nano spray with disinfection blue light.
    What We Like:
    • Built with a lightweight design 1.3 pounds.
    • 4 nozzle to set the particle size to different disinfecting needs.
    • 1-4 meters spray range.
    • Easy to use sprayer.
    • No leaking water proof design.
    Take Note:
    • Works great in many areas

    # Best Electrostatic Sprayer
    Graco SaniSpray HP20 Cordless Handheld Airless Disinfectant Sprayer

    Graco SaniSpray HP20 cordless disinfectant sprayer is EPA approved sanitiser to fight SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. It provides the ultimate mobility thanks to its cordless design. The innovative airless disinfectant sprayer utilizes patented technology to complete sanitizing jobs quickly and safely.
    Key Features:
    • Adjustable flow control.
    • Fill & Spray 42 oz flexliner bag system.
    • Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) Spray Tips.
    • Sprays up to 2.5 gallons per full charge.
    • Dependable, long-life brushless DC motors.
    What We Like:
    • EPA approved Electrostatic sprayer.
    • 1.25L tank.
    • Perfect for areas that require maximum portability.
    • Provides ability to spray alcohol-based and water-based active ingredients.
    Take Note:
    • At high price, but it deserves.

    # Best Easy To Use
    Ancrown Disinfectant Steam Gun

    Ancrown disinfectant steam gun is a portable nano sprayer with 800ml capacity that can disinfect and remove odors in your home or place of business.
    Key Features:
    • 8 strong light grains to assist the sterilization function.
    • Rechargeable 2600mAh lithium battery with work time up to 3 hours.
    • 800ml (27oz) container design, can disinfect a larger area one time.
    • Adjust the volume of spray by turning the switch.
    • Also use in garden, salons, and hair moisturizing & care.
    What We Like:
    • Easy to use multiple-purpose sprayer.
    • Built with a 2600mAh lithium battery that lasts 3 hours.
    • 110V-240V universal rated voltage.
    Take Note:
    • Works great in many areas.

    # Best Cordless
    EMist EPIX360 Disinfectant Sprayer

    EMist EPIX360 Disinfectant Sprayer is one of the most effective sterilization spray gun.
    Without cord, it is powerful, durable, and provides breakthrough disinfectant application performance – more coverage, less waste, and better results. Simply fill the 8-ounce tank with disinfectant solution, pull the trigger, and it goes to work laying down an even, uniform and wraparound layer of germ-killing power up to 4,000 sq. ft.
    Key Features:
    • It is currently being used to fight COVID-19 in the white house.
    • It can cover up to 4,000 sq. ft. of surface area in one tank.
    • Only weighs 2.45 pounds making it very easy to carry.
    • Equipped with advanced EPIX technology, makes grounding never an issue.
    What We Like:
    • Easy to use and lightweight design.
    • Long battery life for 20 tanks on a single charge.
    • Less noise, more convenient, and greater mobility.
    Take Note:
    • Fairly high price, but the quality makes it worth the price.

    Why Should You Buy a Portable Sanitizing Spray Machine

    In a pandemic, people are eager to seek treatment, so it’s no surprise that worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has people looking for anything to protect them. A portable santizing spray machine has a wide range of applications for health and epidemic prevention in rooms, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other public places. Just spray these places to keep you away from the viruses.

    Electrostatic Sprayer vs UV Light Sprayer

    As you see, we have recommened 5 portable disinfectant sprayer machine here. 3 of these are electrostatic sprayers and the other 2 devices are UV sprayers. Are there any differences between them when it comes to disinfecting? Yes.
    Electrostatic spraying is a very thorough method of coating disinfectant or sanitiser evenly. When sprayed through a device, an electrically-charged droplets is applied to the solution to create a 3-D coating effect to the surface of the object, including the back, side and crevice of the object. It provides a more thoroough encapsulating with disinfectant.
    • Less chance of cross contamination
    • Less solution used
    • Lower logistical requirements
    • Less cost to cover
    • The produced large droplet sizes cannot float in the air long enough.
    • It won’t be as effective on positively charge surfaces or particles.
    • A hefty price tag.
    While UL sprayer use large volumes of air at low pressures to transform solution into droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere. It produces smaller particles than electrostatic sprayers to remain suspended in the air longer and achieve better distribution throughout the treatment area.
    • It is safe for fabrics and electronics.
    • Smaller droplets remain suspended in the air longer for better disinfection.
    • High efficiency, low labor intensity, continuous operation.
    • It may result in uneven and incomplete coverage on surfaces

    Buying Guide

    While there are many different portable sanitizing spray machine available online that are very costly and cheaper. Buying a good one will require lots of comparison work, and also much time to read reviews for these sprayers, it is quite difficult to everyone before making a final decision to purchase. If you don’t want to be so troublesome, just refer to the top 5 spayers we recommend. Or you could refer to the following factors to start your research.
    • Ease of use: This is the first factor that you need to put into consideration. If you need a lot of time to study how to use the machine, just ignore it. A good fogger machine will be easy to open for refilling the solution and spraying it.
    • Size and weight: a portable sprayer has to be in lightweight and smaller size. As it is convenient for you to finish the sanitizing work without help from others.
    • Battery life. This is very important. Because it decides whether you can complete the disinfection work in a limited time, instead of spending a lot of time charging. Take victory for example, it allows users to do sanitizing spraying for 4 hours with only 1.5hours charge time. Some sprayer gun only work for 1.5hours with 2 hours charging time, which you have to choose it carefully.
    • Spray range. The longer the spraying range, the more efficient your disinfection work will be. When checking the machine, you should pay attention to this factor.
    • Tank capacity. A machine with a large capacity tank can save you much time from frequently adding solution, but the more liquid you add at the same time, the heavier the machine will be. Therefore, you have to choose a machine with a suitable capacity machine according to the object you are disinfecting.
    • Reviews. Of course, you need to pay attention to the user’s evaluation of the machine, because you are real users just like them. From the evaluation, you can see the disadvantages of the machine. If you cannot accept it, you must give up decisively.

    The Wrap Up

    Life can’t be stopped by anything. As a worker person, we need a portable disinfectant sprayer. In order to work, we are going to many public places, getting in touch with different things, then carrying disinfection spray machine to keeping ourselves away from infection is important. A good tool can disinfect your car, home, offices and much more.

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