Best Disinfectant Fogger Machine of 2021

As a result of this need for hygiene that the COVID-19 pandemic has generated, disinfection is becoming a daily process in our life. Most people has choosed disinfection fogger machines to santize their home, offices, gyms, churches, vehicles and any objects that are touched by hand to manage a clean environment. For those who still want buy such sanitizing devices, this post will show you how to choose the best disinfectant fogger for you after a lot of comparison and research.

Our Picks

Best For High CapacityPetratools 4 Gallon Disinfecting Fogger
Best for Wide Spray RangeVectorfog C150+ Cold Fogger
Best for LightweightAmerfist Electric ULV Fogger
Best for CordlessRYOBI 18V ONE+ Fogger

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    What Is A Disinfectant Fogger Machine

    A disinfectant fogger is mainly composed of tank, nozzle, motor and hose. It is a machine that uses a fine spray to turn a chemical solution into a mist vapor which can be used for disinfecting or restricting the growth of mould, viruses, and bacteria. Such device allows chemical solutions to be easily and rapidly applied to large spaces, which can effectively resist pathogens, especially pathogens that are airborne or carried in respiratory droplets, such as influenza virus or COVID-19 coronavirus.

    How Fogger Machine Work?

    All fog machines work by filling the spaces with a solution of disinfectant properties. There are a variety of sterilizing fogging machines on the market that provide different types of fogging treatment. Of course, the operation is very simple. Add solution to tank, turn on the switch, then the fine-mist droplets will spray into the outer space and kill the viruses you want to disinfect.

    Types Of Disinfectant Fogger Machine

    There are two primary types of fogging equipment devices available: thermal foggers and ULV (Ultra Low Volume) foggers, also known as "cold foggers".

    A cold or ULV fogger uses high-pressure of air to transform and spray the solution into tiny particles. There is an electric motor inside its body. This determines the power of airflow which converts the pesticide into small particles. Most cold foggers are designed for water-based solutions, but some may also use water and oil-based pesticides simultaneously.

    A thermal fogger, by contrast, uses heat to vaporize the fogging solution creating a fog or cloud that penetrates hard to reach areas. It generally uses a 40-ounce solution tank and takes the pre-heating process for 2 to 5 minutes. Once it is ready, you can simply unlock the trigger if any, or just pull the trigger to transfers the solution to a heat assembly on the front of the device.

    Each type of equipment has its benefits and disadvantages. Just view the tables below.
    Type Pros Cons
    Thermal Fogger
    • Highly visible, thick, and cloudy fog.
    • Smaller droplets and a higher droplet density.
    • More efficient: spray more insecticide using less energy and time.
    • Use a lot of fuel.
    • Traffic hazards.
    • Fire risk.
    • Loudness.
    Cold Fogger
    • Use less fogging liquid and fuel.
    • No traffic hazards.
    • Quieter.
    • Multi-function (Thermal foggers are mainly used for insect control).
    • Larger droplets..

    Factors To Consider When Deciding On A Disinfectant Fogger

    • Easy to use. Do you have to take much time to assemble the fogger device or to learn how to operate it? These is a question to consider.
    • Cost. Fog machines start at less than $150 and can reach $400 and much more. The upper range includes more powerful machines with a number of better build quality, and more watts to fog a larger area. Ongoing costs for fog machines include fog juice, cleaning fluid, and the power necessary to run them. You should choose the product reasonably according to the spaces you use within the price range you can afford.
    • Warranty. As the machine is a frequent used item (especially during high incidence of infectious diseases), it is prone to wear and tear, so it is important to choose a manufacturer offer a warranty and good after-sales service.
    • Cordless or corded. There is no way to use a cord fogger in some complex environments or spaces without electrical plugs, then you have to choose a cordless fogger. When choose a cord fogger, please take a look at the length of the power cord to make sure whether it is long enough for the space you disinfect.
    • Spray range. This is a factor that must be paid attention to as it decides whether it can santilize the area you want.
    • Flow Rate. It is the measure of the volume of solution that moves in a certain amount of time, which decides whether your disinfection work is more efficient. The rate is usually range from 400ML / min to 750ML / min or higher. The higher the flow rate the fogger is, the more time you will save during the disinfection work.
    • Wattage. Please buy the highest wattage fog machine you can afford which makes the disinfecting more effective. As this will give you more options in terms of where you can use it and cut down on the risk of producing an underwhelming “thin” fog effect.

    Top-Rated Sanitizing Fogger Machine List

    As the thermal foggers are mainly used for insect control, we only choose the cold foggers for the purpose of sanitizing. And we have spends many hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for you.

    Petra RYOBI Amerfist LeDepic Vectorfog SuperHandy
    Tank Capacity 4Gal/16L 0.5Gal/2L 1.2Gal/4.5L 1.85Gal/7L 1.3Gal/5L 3GAL/12L
    Cordless NO Yes NO NO NO NO
    Weight 13.42 pounds 8.68 pounds 8.03 pounds 9.88 pounds 11.8 pounds 10.43 pounds
    Dimension 21.2 x 17.1 x 9.4 inches 19 x 13.5 x 8 inches 17.1 x 15 x 9.4 inches 18.5 x 12.28 x 8.82 inches 24.4 x 9.8 x 14.1 inches 15.4 x 10.3 x 17 inches
    Spray Range 8-10 Ft 15 Ft 26-30 Ft 19.5-26.5 Ft 16-33 Ft 5-20 Ft
    Adjustable Droplet Size Yes NO Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Droplet Size 20-50 microns 0-50 microns / 0-50 microns 5-50 microns 0-50 microns
    Chargeable NO Yes NO NO NO NO
    Wattage 1200W 18V 2Ah 1400W 1200W 1250W 1200W
    Flow Rate unknown 220ML / min 150-260 ml/min 400ML / min 64L / H 750ML / min
    Warranty 1 Year 3 Year / 1 Year 3 Year unknown

    Best For High Capacity – Petratools 4 Gallon Electric Disinfecting Fogger

    The PetraTools disinfectant Fogger is the perfect solution works great for all kinds of sanitizing, at home, in the city, in the countryside and for all sanitation disinfection needs. It is from a USA manufacture, which you could get support with any issues you may have.
      At a glance:
    • Wide mouth opening – add chemicals with no spilling
    • Powerful motor – 1200w motor to spray 8-10 Feet easily
    • Adjustable disbursement – control amount of liquid output
    • Comfortable straps – wear and walk around with while disinfecting
    • Extended hose – move freely and spray more
    • Adjust volume of spray
    • Easy to fill solution
    • Simple assembly instruction
    • A bit heavy when full of liquid

    Best For Cordless – RYOBI 18V ONE+ Fogger

    RYOBI 18V ONE+ is a cordless multi-purpose fogger with lightweight and portable design, which you can maneuver and treat any part of your yard with ease. It covers up to 1,000 square feet per minute and 10,000 square feet per battery charge with instant, hassle-free starting. It can spary up to 15 feet in height to reach spaces for impactful results.
      At a glance:
    • Atomized particles travel up to 15 Feet in height
    • Lightweight portable design
    • Battery power for portability anywhere
    • Covers Up to 10,000 Square Feet Per Charge
    • Cordless design
    • Spray up to 30 gallons per charge
    • 3 year limited warranty
    • Tank is only 0.5 Gallon

    Best For Lightweight – Amerfist 4.5L ULV Fogger

    Amerfist 4.5L ULV disinfectant fogger can be used for all sorts of fogging works, starting from sanitizing, misting plants with pesticides to using insecticides to get rid of a mosquito problem. It operates on 110V and AC power to control the flow rate based on the situation.
      At a glance:
    • It can shoot up to 30 feet
    • Features an adjustable output
    • Fixed valve can be adjusted up and down 60°
    • Lightweight and easy to operate
    • Maximum spray distance of up to 30 feet
    • Labor-saving 60° fixed valve
    • 1.2 Gal tank which need fill the liquid for large area disinfection

    Best For Rating – LeDepic 7L ULV Fogger Machine

    LeDepic 7L electric fogger machine is a straightforward device to operate for disinfecting, all you have to do is plug in and spray. It is a handheld fogger that can reach a range of 26.5 feet.
      At a glance:
    • Tank capacity of 7 liters
    • 1200W high performance made in German motor
    • Maximum horizontal spray distance is 6-8 m
    • Droplet size of 0-50 microns
    • CE certification
    • The hose is corrosion resistant
    • Anti-shake performance
    • Made of environment-friendly materials
    • Known to be very tough
    • Inefficient user manual

    Best For Wide Spray Range – Vectorfog C150+ ULV Electric Cold Fogger

    This Vectorfog C150+ electric fogger is a powerful fogger effectively works to disinfect rooms, and also control both pests and pathogens. It features an enhanced air intake technology that reduces its core temperature by 20 degrees. The flow rate is up to 16 gallons per hour, so you can cover large amounts of ground and save time. An adjustable droplet size between 5-50 microns suits a variety of your establishment’s needs, whether you’re applying sanitizing chemicals or insecticides.
      At a glance:
    • The tank capacity is 5 liters
    • Adjustable droplet size of 5-50 microns
    • This is a durable ULV machine
    • Equipped with a 1250 watt motor
    • CE certification
    • Powerful flow rate of up to 16 gallons per hour
    • Spray distance of 5-10 meters (16-33 feet)
    • A bit heavy when full of liquid

    Best For Size – SuperHandy 3GAL Disinfectant Corded Fogger Machine

    Powered by a 1200W 110VAC electric motor, this SuperHandy fogger machine will help you achieve a wide coverage for public sanitization in airports, churches, restaurants, hotels, and public transport. It can reach an area of 5 to 6 meters horizontally for maximum efficiency.
      At a glance:
    • 1200W 110VAC electric motor
    • Horizontal Coverage of 20+ Feet (5-6m)
    • Vertical Coverage of 4.9-6.5 Feet (1.5-2m)
    • Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets of 0-50μm in size
    • High-speed aerosol distribution
    • Adjustable nozzles
    • Low vertical area coverage
    • Only provide EU plug


    Effective disinfection is more important than ever to protect your personnel, communities and facilities. Use a disinfectant fogger to prevent harmful viruses and pathogens from spreading in your space.
    With this, we come to the end of our detailed guide of the best disinfectant fogger machines of 2021. For getting a lightweight option that is easy to carry, go with AMERFIST 4.5L ULV Fogger. If you look for a powerful motor and wide spray range, it has to be the Vectorfog C150+ ULV Electric Cold Fogger. If you want to a cordless fogger, choose the RYOBI 18V one+ chemical fogger. And for tank of high capacity, it must be PetraTools 4 Gallon Electric Disinfecting Fogger. LeDepic and SuperHandy are also good choice.
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