Who We Are?

iYinx provides buying guides, tips and tutorials content for more than 60,000 users like you every month. Here we publish best buying guides, reviews, How-tos, and tips. We will find out the proper way to help you solve the problem you encounter in daily life by content. We will collect the most detailed information and user manual for you, also we will write reviews, guides and how-to guides based on thorough testing and personal experience. Our goal is to help you find the best tools for your individual needs.

Who Writes for iYinx?

iYinx was originally founded by a couple of sisters who named May and Selina after their experiences working in IT industry for more than 15 years. Both of them are diligent and capable mothers who need to deal with all the trivial things in daily life. They will use their work and life experience to write effective articles to assist you in making the most appropriate decision.

How We Create The Content?

As mentioned above, May and Selina had worked in IT industry (for 15 years), they know the way to search for the best useful information. Meanwhile, both of them are mothers of two children, which means they have sufficient experience in living and raising children. All of our contents are based on their experience which can be divided into 4 main parts.
Buying guides. We will form best tools related content after doing a lot of research and practice, such as best UV sterilization boxes.
Reviews. We will review the most popular tools based on our testing and researching, and we never recommend any tools that we don’t use ourselves.
Comparisons. Most of people would be confused about several similar devices, and we will give the comparison for most popular devices to clear up your confusion.
How-to tutorials. We will write down articles for the most asked question about the products, and help these solve your problem.

Contact Us

Do you have something you’d like to let us know? Whether you have a comment, inquires about devices, or the content on this site, please or an idea to share, please reach out via the email address on our contact page.

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