59s S2 UV Sterilizer Box Review

59s uv sterilizer box review

A epidemic allows us to pay more attention to the health problems in life, but also let the uv sanitization box a real assistant with mass appeal. By dint of talking about viruses and bacteria we realized that we are surrounded by potentially harmful microorganisms and everyone has tried their own method to feel safer. There are a wide range of products in the market, very similar but varying in size, method of use, and materials. Here we will review the most popular UV box 59S S2 for you.

The 59S S2 UV sterilizer is just the right size to sterilize everyday items, such as smartphones, earphones, keys, glasses, watches, wallet, and make-up or personal care tools, such as scissors, tweezers, brushes and brushes. It measures about 8 in X 3.5 in X 1.5 inches and is rectangular in shape.

It has a simple and modern design and the construction materials look good. As a device it has had several awards in 2019, including Good Design Award 2019, Reddot design award.

Unpack the box, you can see a single button on the lid in the first glance. It is in lightweight which you can take it anywhere while traveling or in view of the holidays and the adapter with USB-C cable is supplied. In the package you can also find a small-size user manual in English (it does not matter because as we will see it is quite simple to use), and a leaflet with the data relating to the tests carried out and the results obtained.

Internally there are 8 LEDs positioned at the base of the lid and the lower part of the box is coated with a reflective surface, so as to be able to reflect the UV action on the whole object or objects that we want to sterilize. It is possible to insert several things but they must not overlap. A small silicone separator, supplied, can be used when necessary to better position what we want to insert and to keep it slightly raised to take advantage of the reflective surface.

Use the 59s uvc led sterilizing box is very easy. Just press the button on the outside. When connected to the USB cable, a white LED light around the button lights up. If we try to open the lid during the function, the operation will stop, this to ensure safety for those who use the device since UV-C rays are harmful to humans. A voice warns us of the start and end of the operation during use, convenient to avoid opening the lid during the cycle, interrupting it unnecessarily; furthermore 59S switches off automatically, so we will not have to press the button on the lid again.

The company guarantees the elimination of 99.99% of bacteria in just 180 seconds, therefore a quick action that allows you to disinfect all objects without taking excessive time and without using detergents. We will be able to do even more steps and repeat the cycle if we are not convinced that the solution of the reflective surface is sufficient to sterilize all sides of the objects we insert.

If you want to view more details about this 59s S2 UV box, please go to https://iyinx.com/59s-s2-uv-light-sanitizer-box/.

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