59S P55 UV Sterilizer Bag

24 high power UVC LED lights.
3 minutes fast sterilization.
Complete 360°sterilization to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
Safe and environmentally friendly.
No chemical contaminants, mercury and ozone free.
FCC, EPA, and SGS certificate.

Get rid of 99.9% bacteria and viruses with the powerful 59S multipurpose sterilizer P55 bag. It will keep your whole family healthy. For sterilization, it uses UV LED technology with UV light with a wavelength of 260-280 nm. The double safety protection features a UV leak-proof zipper and an advanced sensor prevent exposure during operation and shut off the LEDs if the cover is opened during disinfection.

59S P55 Key Features:

  • The bag has a top handle, which is portable bag for taking it anywhere freely.
  • High-purity quartz 24 pcs UVC lamps, 3 minutes-sterilization, 99.99% cleaned.
  • 360 degree all-round LED UV sterilizer with reflective materials inside which provides no dead angle cleaning, ensuring full sterilization.
  • Easy to use bag, one button click to start the sterilization process.
  • Safe with SGS/ FCC / EPA.

What can be sterilized with this 59s UV sterilizer bag?
It can sterilize anything, such as mask, glasses, mobile phone, stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, banknote, bank card, toy, cosmetics, etc.

59S Multipurpose Sterilizer P55 Specs:
Model: P55
Color: blue/grey
Materials: PE/LED
UV-C LED Qty: 24 pcs
LED lifetime: 10,000 hours
Light Wavelength: 260nm – 280nm
Power: 8W
Rate input: 24V = 0.75A
Input interface: US Plug
Product dimensions: 9.4"H x 7.7"L x 5.9"W
Weight: 1.36 lbs
Certificate: FCC, EPA, and SGS
Package Includes: 1x P55 Sterilization Bag, 1x Holder, 1x User Manual, 1x Power Adapter
Warranty: 12 months

How does UVC LED sterilization work?

  • UVC sterilization is a professional technology.
  • UVC LED light kills microbes and bacteria by breaking down their DNA and RNA.
  • Widely used in disinfection rooms and hospital sterilization.

How to use the 59S P55 bag?
It is an easy-to-use sterilizer to disinfect your items in 3 steps.

  1. Place items on the rack.
  2. Zip the bag.
  3. Press power button and wait 3 minutes for sterilization.


Q: What is the return policy for this 59S bag?
59S offers Worry-free 1 year limited warranty. If you have any questions about it, please contact the customer service directly via Phone: 1-833-697-8688 (USA) Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (PST).

Q: What is the wavelength of the UV?
A: The 59S P55 sterilizer bag build-in 24 superior UVC LED beads with 260-280nm wavelength .

Q: Does it run on batteries?
A: No, it cannot run on batteries. It gets power through a power adapter, the power supply interface is 110V US plug.You should put the plug in the wall with the electric cord and adapter.

Q: Are all 24 UV beads are uv-c beads?
A: Yes. All 24 UVC LED reproduces the UVC light using LED beads.

Q: Is the LED lamp of the 59S UV bag replaceable?
A: The UVC LED lamp can’t be replaced. The company says the life span of the lamp is 10,000 hours. So if that’s really true, and if you used this thing 20 times a day, you would use up 60 min of lamp life each day. That’s 365 hours one year. You could use it for nearly 27 years. It really have a long life.

Q: Is this 59S sterilization bag FDA approved?
A: Yes, it has obtained FDA certificate, EPA filing (EPA Est. No.95175-CHN-1) and passed SGS sterilization test.

Q: How large is this bag? And the inside dimension?
A: The approximate dimension is 9.5 x 7.7 x 5.9 inch,there is almost no difference between internal and external dimensions.

Q: No indicator light and beep sound when completed, is that normal?
A: Here is the indicator and sound indicate:
1. Sterilizing over/standby — indicator solid on;
2. Sterilizing — indicator flickering;
3. Sleeping — indicator off;
4. The sound reminder "di" — sterilizing, valid operation;
5. The sound reminder "di","di" — sterilization completes.

Q: Will this 59S bag kill mold?
A: Yes, it is known to kill mold and it’s spores.

Q: Where is this bag made?
A: The 59S is a Chinese company which based in Shenzhen.

Q: Does the 15.6w refer to the total UV power output?
A: The total UV power of the key board + control board + light board in the whole bag is 15.6W.

Q: The lights do not seem very bright. Is this normal?
A: Yes, it is built with 24 UVC LED lights which is an ultraviolet lamp, not a lighting lamp. The brightness is not the basis for sterilization. Ultraviolet intensity: ≥45 uw/cm2

Q: Does it comes with tray as on a picture?
A: Yes it has a tray in the bottom so that items can receive light from below and above for better disinfection effect.

Q: Can I use it for CPAP?
A: Yes. It is big enough to put CPAP in.

Q: Is this bag collapsible?
A: Not it is not collapsible.

Q: Do I need to wash make up brushes before sanitizing?
A: You’d better clean off the residues first before sanitizing because it can only disinfect where the UV lights can reach so if it’s covered with leftover residue, those parts cannot be sanitized.

Q: Is the surface of the UV bag easy to get dirty? Is it easy to clean?
A: No. As the surface is made of PU, it is no easy to get dirty. If you want to clean it, just use a dry cloth.

Q: Will this disinfect a item in one cycle or would I need to flip it for a second cycle?
A: The high reflective inner & stainless steel holder can give your item a complete 360° disinfection spa.

Q: Does this product release ozone?
A: No, it doesn’t. No ozone, no radiation, no residue, no secondary pollution.

Q: Does this item have an automatic shutoff incase the bag is opened?
A: Yes, it has magnetic flaps inside the lid, open the lid automatically turn off the LED light source.

Q: Is there a way to set the time to greater than 3 minutes?
A: One cycle lasts 3 minutes, you can repeat the cycle 2-3 times.

Q: Can sanitize cotton cloth mask, N95 mask, PM2.5 filter, mouth retainers, CPAP,currency, cash, underwear or more?
A: They kill bacteria that the light touches, so you can sanitize anything you can put inside that isn’t folded so that the light wouldn’t get to part of it.

Q: Is this bay exposure safe?
A: The 59S UV sanitizer bag has double safety protection: anti-UV Leakage-proof Zipper and smart sensor design, once the magnetic cover is released, it will automatically stop disinfection to prevent UVC light from leaking due to misoperation.


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